Care for the wellbeing of your employees

and prevent burnout, drop-out and absenteesim

Trusted by organizations, large and small

Meet Inuka - A digital coaching solution that helps care for the wellbeing of all your employees.

Virtual coaching support by real humans, backed by science and powered by technology

Easy to access

Employees assess how they’re faring in real-time with an anonymous 5-minute wellbeing scan.

Simple but effective wellbeing scan traffic like method

Expert support

For employees who need it, 1-on-1 sessions are available anytime, anywhere by one of our highly trained coaches. 

*Optional video calling available

Measurable results

Our proven coaching method works quickly — 82% of employees report feeling resilient to tackle everyday work and life stressors within 4 sessions. 

Practical and efficient wellbeing coaching

How Inuka impacts your bottom line


25% of employees

run the risk of burnout, absenteeism, or even quitting the company.


Build employee resilience

82% feel better within 4 sessions with our proven coaching method based on the latest behavioral change research.


50% of employees

do not seek help despite having access to company provided resources.


Lower threshold to seek help

Within the first month, employers see up to 76% uptake thanks to fast onboarding and easy-to-reach help.


€60.000 per employee

is the average cost paid out for each burnout.


Intervene early and save costs

Gain insights into overall risk-profile and reduce burnouts up to 50%.

What people say about Inuka

A proven process, based on 10 years of evidence-backed research

Most people feel better and back on track within 4 sessions

A note from Bjarne Timonen, Inuka's chief psychologist and licensed therapist

¨What I love about Inuka’s coaching is that it is practical, efficient and safe. I believe in the method and I think it is what the world needs right now.¨
-Bjarne Timonen

Get started next week with our introductory 3 month offer.

39 Per employee / Minimum of 50 employees
  • Employees get unlimited access to wellbeing scan, coaching and progress tracking
  • Quarterly report to track the progress of your company’s wellbeing profile
  • Simple onboarding so you can start next week, anywhere, anytime

Double your impact with our buy-1-give-1 program.

Every company-funded program ensures 1 distressed person in Zimbabwe gets the mental support they need, for free. Read more about our mission.

"The Inuka team is genuinely interested in real impact, not just to sell their product."

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