1 in 4 people worldwide suffer from mental health issues every year. 

More than 50% never get the NEEDED support because of stigma and high costs.

We want to lower the barriers to give and find effective mental support.

With this mission, Inuka B.V. looks for ways and partnerships to reduce stigma around mental health, make services accessible and reach out to those in situations of stress, disconnection or grief. 
We do this through client and organization facing services that help with issues of anxiety, depression, and burn-out, among others. While the Inuka Foundation focuses on taking services to those in urgent need of support, empathy and more. 
We hope to connect to fellow champions and voyagers on our journey towards mental health for all.

The simple means of connection that inspired Inuka.

Watch Dr. Chibanda, psychiatrist and Inuka co-founder, talk about the his journey to establish the methodology Inuka is based on today.

Partners & champions.

Achmea Foundation
Friendship Bench
Grand Challenges Canada
Amref Health Africa

Our team

Entrepreneurs, creators and doers, our team members are located across the globe and bring varied skills and interests to rally around the cause of mental health

Robin van Dalen

Co-founder and CEO


Dr. Dixon Chibanda

Co-founder and Chief of medicine


Annie Njenga

Kenya market lead


Ankiza Gakuna

Chief of operations, Kenya


Stèphan Potgieter

Chief of operations, Netherlands


Clara Gachoki

Customer care


Julia Kagunda

Psychologist, Kenya

Shruthi Abirami

Chief of Coaching


Maarten van Herpen

Chief Evangelist


Koel Chatterjee

Chief of experience


Halil Karaköse

Chief of Tech


Siddharth Singh

Testing lead


Mustafa Karaköse

Front end lead


Although this service is designed to help you cope with a range of issues you face in life, Inuka is not a medical service. If you feel you are in crisis, or may hurt yourself or others, you should seek professional help. You can also find resources for professional help here.