Grow your business faster with highly productive and motivated employees.

Inuka Africa supports your on-time project delivery, business growth and quality customer service operations by focusing on your employees productivity and well-being.

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Our mission is to help your business thrive.

Helping others thrive is rooted in our DNA. Inuka Africa was founded under the promise to help businesses in Africa grow faster with a healthy and productive workforce. We are happy to engage in a conversation with your business to find out the most efficient and effective way to improve productivity and health of your business and its employees.

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Our solutions

Wellbeing Scan

Track the habits and wellbeing of your employees. Help them to thrive within your business and improve their productivity.
Inuka Africa bridging the gap in mental health in the workplace and at home

Productivity Coaching

Our certified coaches are trained in a method that reduces stress and anxiety and increases focus, morale and motivation.

Helping leading businesses achieve amazing results.

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Productive Employees

How we deliver a positive Return On Investment.

By using our innovative wellbeing tracker and productivity coaching, we have a direct way to steer your employees into the right direction. On average 82% of employees report significant improvement, even after 3 months.

How does it work? The onboarding process

There are 3 phases to improving your company productivity with Inuka. First is a business scan, second an improvement plan, and third comes measuring and tracking.

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African businesses want results. Inuka transforms your business through your people.

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