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Recap: Coping with COVID-19: a conversation

Following our regular Coping with COVID-19 webinar series, our favorite psychologist Bjarne Timonen offered us his wise words once again. Did you miss out on it? Worry not! Here is a summary of what was discussed.

Mental health

Q&A – Is Inuka for me?

Inuka is a service available to anyone, regardless of age, gender or religious affiliation. It is a service that aims to offer completely confidential support for anyone. No issue is too small for the Inuka Life Coaches to help you through.


What is Inuka?

Inuka means ‘arise’​ in Kiswahili, an East-African language, and that’s exactly what we are about. We are a social enterprise with the mission to make it easier for people to find and give mental support.

Mental health

Gentleness as a remedy for stress

We have an awful tendency to set ourselves up for disappointment in life. Particularly with the rise of social and popular media, we are exposed to an unfathomable amount of impressions every day.


Burnout is bad for business

With workplace burnout on the rise, companies need to implement strategies focused on developing sustainable people management practices.
The key? An uncompromising focus on the wellness of their employees.

Mental health

5 Habits That Build Mental Wellbeing

Achieving mental wellbeing can be difficult in a world filled with constant pressure. However, there are strategies you can use to build a stronger, more resilient and calmer mind.


5 ways I try to cope with chronic illness

You know that feeling you have when you have the flu? When you are stuck in bed with a mountain of tissues, a pack of paracetamol, and a hot cup of chamomile tea and all you can think about is how much you will appreciate it when you are not sick anymore?

Be your own hero

Expert insights on stress: what is it and how to deal with it?

“I am under so much stress!”  Today the word “stress”, forms part of most people’s daily vocabulary. It has almost become an acceptable phenomenon.  However, the effects of stress on ill-health are not seriously pondered.

Be your own hero

How Inuka can help you find your inner hero

Seeking help is hard. If you haven’t read it yet, in our previous blog post, we talked about the common barriers preventing people from seeking the help they need. So the next step is finding the right solution for you, that overcomes these barriers. And Inuka might be the solution you are looking for!