How Inuka works for employers

Address burnout, before it's too late

A simple digital coaching solution, that's actually used.

How Inuka works for employers? Inuka is a low-threshold solution to help employees better cope with stress and other life stressors. Within 5 minutes, employees can get a temperature check of how they are faring and access immediate 1-on-1 digital coaching support if they want or need it.

Employers about Inuka

Designed to reach those who are most at risk.

Many wellbeing solutions end up just sitting on the shelf, unused. By reducing the barriers to seek help, Inuka’s high engagement rates reach employees who otherwise wouldn’t get help. Here’s how:

Kick-off to educate employees

During one of your weekly or monthly team meetings, we take 15-30 min to inform employees about burnout, stress and general mental wellbeing. We also introduce them to Inuka and the value of our wellbeing scan as a baseline to determine if help is needed.

Quick & simple wellbeing scan

All employees are encouraged to take a 5-min self-scan to assess where they are and how close they are to burnout. This scan immediately shows employees how vulnerable they are to burnout.


Optimize existing company resources

During onboarding, we map out your currently offered wellbeing resources and see where they fit in the wellbeing scan results. (In a tough place, At risk, Resilient). After taking the wellbeing scan, employees receive a recommendation of what resource best suits their current state.  


One-on-one coaching with real results

The aim is to get employees back to resilience in 4 sessions or less. Employees can choose a coach in one of 9 languages, ensuring ease and comfort to genuinely express themselves in their language of choice and ensuring results are achieved faster. 

Proven coaching method

All our coaches are trained, certified and supervised in the Inuka MethodTM.  The method is based on the latest research on effective behavior change.

How Inuka works for employers

Valuable insights into how your organization is doing.

Quarterly reports to track your organizations wellbeing profile.

Get set up by next week.

Inuka is easy to implement, ensuring maximum uptake by employees. 

For employees

Everything you need to know about Inuka as an employee.

"The Inuka team is genuinely interested in real impact, not just to sell their product."

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