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Take wellbeing scan

How to begin.

Do wellbeing scan

Take the 5 min Inuka wellbeing scan which is an objective set of questions, designed to assess how you are coping with challenges.

Book a session

Book a session, especially if you are in the at-risk (yellow) or tough place (Purple) categories. Select a coach; confirm booking.

Join your session

Login to your Inuka account and join your session. Chat to take practical steps to tackle challenges that are important to you.

What happens in sessions?

In sessions you talk about what is important to you. There is no digging and talking about things past, but rather focusing on what you want to change and how you can take practical steps to it. 

What can you expect?

  • Close monitoring of wellbeing symptoms.
  • Personalized wellbeing plans for you to follow between sessions.
  • Improvement in wellbeing symptoms after 4-8 sessions.
  • Quick referral in case additional care is required.

Who is my coach?

Inuka coaches are trained and overseen by psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Chibanda and his team of therapists from the Friendship Bench in:


The WHO’s COV-ID 19 (mental) health guidelines.


The InukaMethod™, an evidence-based coaching method rooted in the clinically proven Friendship Bench, shown to work for depression & anxiety (JAMA, 2017) and made famous in Dr. Chibanda’s TED talk.

Work with the same coach across sessions and take positive steps towards your goal.

What is the Inuka Method™?

The InukaMethod™ is a solution oriented coaching, grounded in problem solving therapy, as developed by our co-founder Dr. Chibanda, a psychiatrist and professor.
This method focuses on what matters to you, and what change you want to bring in to your routine, mindset or even life. In each session you and your coach create a SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely) wellbeing plan with simple steps to try between sessions.

Watch Dr. Chibanda’s TED talk to see the genesis of the InukaMethod™.

Although this service is designed to help you cope with a range of issues you face in life, Inuka is not a medical service. If you feel you are in crisis, or may hurt yourself or others, you should seek professional help. You can also find resources for professional help here.