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Research papers

A community health volunteer delivered problem-solving therapy mobile application based on the Friendship Bench ‘Inuka Coaching’ in Kenya: A pilot cohort study

Published online by Cambridge University Press: 10 March 2021
Asmae Doukani, Robin van Dalen, Hristo Valev, Annie Njenga, Francesco Sera and Dixon Chibanda

Mental health research capacity building in sub-Saharan Africa: the African Mental Health Research Initiative

Published online by Cambridge University Press: 03 March 2020
Dixon Chibanda , Melanie Abas , Rosemary Musesengwa , Chris Merritt [Opens in a new window] , Katherine Sorsdahl , Walter Mangezi , Chiwoza Bandawe , Frances Cowan , Ricardo Araya , Exnevia Gomo , Lorna Gibson , Helen Weiss , Charlotte Hanlon and Crick Lund

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