The business case

Leading companies have productivity on top of their minds. Inuka provides instant access to productivity improvements and wellbeing tracking to your employees.

Delivering 4x return on investment.

Based on a comparison of Inuka’s peer-reviewed utilization and outcomes data published in our research papers for productivity and wellbeing with clients across Africa and Europe.

Fast, sustainable results

Our research shows that lasting mindset changes are typically seen within 4 sessions. 82% felt significantly better and 96% of participants felt they dealt with problems more effectively.

Works for a range of challenges

Whether related to work or personal life, the Inuka Method works for things like managing stress, depression and anxiety symptoms, relationship and financial difficulties or losing weight.

Based on the latest science

The Inuka Methodâ„¢ is based on Problem Solving Therapy (PST), a highly regarded cognitive-behavioral therapy that helps create sustainable behavioral change.

Backed by 10 years of research

Inuka co-founder and psychiatrist Prof. Chibanda developed the Inuka coaching method, and is backed by a large clinical study. (JAMA, 2017)

Our solutions

Wellbeing Scan

Track the habits and wellbeing of your employees. Help them to thrive within your business and improve their productivity.
Inuka Africa bridging the gap in mental health in the workplace and at home

Productivity Coaching

Our certified coaches are trained in a method that reduces stress and anxiety and increases focus, morale and motivation.

How does it work? The onboarding process

There are 3 phases to improving your company productivity with Inuka. First is a business scan, second an improvement plan, and third comes measuring and tracking.

African businesses want results. Inuka transforms your business through your people.

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