Increase productivity,
scale your business,
grow your profits
by using our proven

Wellbeing Scan

Get a reliable business indicator of how your staff is doing and improve employee productivity based on data analysis.

How does the wellbeing scan work?

1. Daily scanning of essential conditions

How does it work?

2. Track individual progress over time

How does it work?

3. Improve productivity by data analysis

How does it work?

How do employees experience the wellbeing scan?

The benefits of the wellbeing scan

Direct individual support

Fast results, tracable

Simple onboarding

Affordable yet professional

How does it work? The onboarding process

There are 3 phases to improving your company productivity with Inuka. First is a business scan, second an improvement plan, and third comes measuring and tracking.

African businesses want results. Inuka transforms your business through your people.

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